Thomas Sjögren

The Scandinavian Masterchef

The man behind the food

Winner of "Årets Kock" & "Kockarnas Kamp"

Thomas Sjögren is a scandinavian masterchef that has won both "Kockarnas Kamp" and "Årets Kock" in Sweden.

In both competitions he became the youngest winner ever.

Thomas grow up in the north of Sweden in Umeå, but has ever since his early teenage years lived on the Swedish west coast, where he really fell in love with cooking, especially with fish and seafood.

Today Thomas is involved in many different projects and restaurants.

We met up with him at Hällsnäs Hotel outside of Gothenburg at his 1-star Michelin restaurant, Signum, where we shot this campaign.

the same philosophy

Quality Ingredients

When preparing and cooking his signature dishes at Signum, Thomas only uses the best possible raw ingredients, just as we at Oscar of Sweden would only choose the best fabrics to produce our shirts in. There is no secret that with great raw ingredients from the start, there's a better chance you'll end up with a great finished product in the end.


One of this seasons signature print. A favorite shirt of both Thomas and us.

Available in three different color ways in both slim and regular fit.



Signature stripe



Photo: Mikael Kenta

Model: Thomas Sjögren

Hair and Makeup: Mia Jussila